Falcone Student 2017

Falcone 2017 EUPHONIUM STUDENT Repertoire

NOTE: There is an age limit for the student divisions. Participants must not have reached their 20th birthday prior to December 1 of the Festival year. For the 2017 Festival, a participant who will be 20 years old or older on December 1, 2017, is NOT ELIGIBLE to apply in either student division.

Preliminary Round (recorded with piano accompaniment)

Andante Cantabile – Giuseppe Tartini trans. Leonard Falcone (Cimarron Music)
  Lyrica No. 10
      – AND –
Selected Studies for Baritone – Voxman (Rubank)

Semi-Final Round (unaccompanied)

Polar Vortex – Michael Forbes (Editions BIM)

Semi-Final Round (accompanied)

A Caged Bird – Barbara York (Cimarron Music)

Final Round (with piano)

Aces – Frank Gulino (Cimarron Music)

Competiton Website: www.falconefestival.org

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